About US

Biongreen's think tank combines more than twenty years of consulting experience with an international network of competences and innovative, individual approaches to problem solving. We have succeeded in gaining renowned professors from well-known German universities as scientific advisors, who support us on the advisory board with their expertise.

And we are particularly proud of our broad base of colleagues from a wide range of industries who contribute their experience and knowledge to our projects.

BionGreen has many years of competence in developing strategies for building new technologies and infrastructure in foreign markets. In this area, many European companies fail in Asia, Africa or even in neighbouring countries. In addition to regional and economic peculiarities, cultural differences often play a decisive role for success or failure. 

Through long expertise, numerous project works by competent, experienced colleagues and a broadly established network in the industry, it is Biongreen's ability to successfully help build infrastructure and access to new technologies for these important future markets and enable sustainable success. Success in new markets is often not a question of spending money, but of having the right preparation and the right strategy - and this is where our strengths lie. 

We focused on new, innovative environmental technologies from early on. 

We have many years of experience in the automotive, aviation and environmental technology sectors. 

We focus on energy, waste management, food & farming and pharmaceuticals. These areas complement each other, as more and more companies are looking for alternative, sustainable and resource-saving technologies. Biongreen represents some of these young companies worldwide, with proven success and disproportionate growth.

Fields of Activity

Technology Research

Technology development on demand

Creation of turnkey concepts

Creation and implementation of infrastructure planning

Process engineering and control

Implementation of the concepts (with our network partners)

Feasibility studies and technology analyses

Laboratory analysis and evaluation

Coordination of the various technology partners

Construction management via our network partners

Business Development

Support with patents and property rights

Legal Affairs Europe ( with partners legal advice )

Creation of ready-to-use turnkey solutions and infrastructure

Organisation and coordination of suppliers and raw materials

Sales conception and development

Product and market launches

Market analysis and reseach

Support for start-ups

Distribution of innovative technology products

Management Consultancy

Representation of interest groups / lobbying

Image consulting

Procurement of investors and lenders

Training of management and staff

Support of the company management

Tactical and strategic conception and advice

Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Thomas Brück

B.Sc. Chemistry & Biochemistry, Mgn. Science      

M.Sc. Molecular Medicine

Ph.D. in Protein Biochemistry

Chair of Synthetic Biotechnology

Technical University Munich TUM

Prof. Dr. Tom Nilges

B.Sc. Chemistry, Mgn. Science      

M.Sc. Chemistry

Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry

Chair for Innovative Materials

Technical University Munich TUM


Since 2015, Biongreen has joined forces with several partners to form an association of companies and experts from various consulting and technology sectors. An exclusive partnership with various chairs of the Technical University of Munich and innovative German companies gives us access to forward-looking, innovative developments and products. 

This network offers a comprehensive range of problem solutions and services through the cooperation of highly innovative specialists and developers. Biongreen has identified innovative, viable and promising investment targets for investors across a wide range of sectors. Biongreen has an established, resilient network of family offices, foundations, asset management companies and institutional investors. So, we consistently offer interesting investments for investors.   

We combine the development and production capacities of innovative companies with the research know-how of leading academics from renowned German universities. The resulting synergy between theory and practice ensures customised solutions and a significant competitive advantage. 

A unique model in this form

The focus is on developing solutions and not on selling specific products or services. Therefore, the full range of services is available to you through our consultants. As the main contact for your project, a competent consultant will cooperate with you to design the project with optimal efficiency and help you tailor the competences of the involved experts to your individual needs. A cooperation of innovative companies from the fields of renewable energies and environmental technology makes it possible to offer all services in this segment on a turnkey basis from a single source. 

Members of our network include: 

Consultants and experts in various fields in Germany, UK, China, Japan, USA, Taiwan, Australia and France;

Specialists from various sectors, a long-standing network in politics, ministries and competent contacts in governmental organisations, long-standing relationships with leading companies in their sectors with a high degree of innovation and their own production in Europe.

Process technicians, engineers and developers in forward-looking, relevant industries

Professors and doctors from the universities of TU Munich, TU Berlin, RWTH Aachen, TEC Monterey ( Mexico ), Queensland ( Australia ), Costa Rica, Austin TX, Duisburg-Essen, TU Dresden as an interface to other experts in the scientific / technical field and their technologies and developments.


EcoCulture Farming 

The innovative, sustainable farming system with a synergetic utilisation cycle.

Based on gained knowledge and inhouse developed technologies, our technology partners have created a new, innovative concept for modern agriculture that optimises conventional processes and introduces new technologies. 

It will be a building block for future-oriented agriculture worldwide. 

Brown Algae 

From environmentally destructive pest

to a high-quality supplier of raw materials.

Science - Systems - Sustainability - Solutions: 

in our 4S mission, we aim to provide the world with cutting-edge, innovative, unique technologies that can offer applied, scalable solutions for a circular bioeconomy. So we help to protect biodiversity & ecosystems and contribute to a better quality of life for future generations.

Red Sludge 

Sustainable, biological pollutant disposal and treatment of a toxic residual substance.

With the patented MiKa system, we separate 

the toxic, metallic and poisonous ingredients. 

About 80% sand remains, which can be used as building material, for the cement industry and as concrete SCM. Recycling of "waste" that would otherwise not be reused Environmentally friendly supplement to conventional raw material extraction.


If you like more informations about our services or representations, 

please feel free to ask for, you will get a response very soon by the experts in your field of interest.